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Rads and Rounds!


Dive into the 2D top down action game. You find yourself in a post-apocalyptic time. You are the sole survivor in this sector filled with zombies and other nightmare-like creatures. 

You are suddenly contacted by a mysterious person who tasks you with eliminating what appears to be the result of an experiment gone terribly wrong - the Phantoms. It is only up to you to take care of this another threat to humanity. 

You will have to fight your way through the tides of zombies in order to reach your unenviable destination. On your way you will have to use bombs and other various items and you will be even able to craft your very own explosives. 

During your journey you may stumble into everchanging caves deep below surface. Terrifying places shrouded in the legendary fog of war.

Your task is clear and events are set in motion, so lets get started! Amazing world of Rads and Rounds awaits YOU!


The whole story line is divided into 3 chapters -> Only 1 chapter is available so far.

For tips and controls look into the in-game-menu(accessible via ESC) - Controls and Tips.

Press R to close inventory, map or skip dialogue


1) Various enemies -> some of them have certain abilities.

2) Randomly generated caves -> via Perlin noise

3) Simple inventory and tiny crafting system

4) Pickable and consumable items

5) Destructible walls -> Cave walls and walls used to separate important areas - story wise

6) Destructible walls in caves when destroyed drop pickable and consumable items

7) Fog of war (caves are shrouded in the darkness which retreats as you approach)

8) Opportunity of switching between 3 weapons (each of them is somehow unique)-> only 1 can be carried at once

9) Tile-based enviroment with sprite features

10) Dialogues (alas player has no chance in influencing them) -> used to tell the story

Install instructions


Thanks for downloading my game! Dont worry about any installation - just unzip that file and enjoy!




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